10 Eco iPhone Apps for UK & International – Keep it Green!

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These days you can keep green with your smart phone from iphone cases to user apps. Here are some fantastic Apps that are geared for the UK or International market.

1. GreenMeter

This smart app computes your vehicle’s power and fuel usage, and allows you to increase efficiency and reduce your fuel consumption – a must with the ever-increasing prices at the petrol station. greenMeter will also help you lower the impact of your carbon footprint on the environment.

Like a lot of apps that rely on GPS, greenMeter uses a novel algorithm that computes parameters over the entire speed range, which means it can be used on all generations of iPhone and iPod Touch. So if you’re into Eco-driving, want to make your transportation more efficient, or maintaining a green lifestyle, give this app a go – and at £3.99, it’ll pay for its self within a few trips to the petrol station.

2. The Green Brief

The Green Brief is an app that focuses on key environmental areas. The initial part of this app delivers tips and advice for reducing the negative impact you are making on the environment. These helpful tips can help reduce the cost of electricity and motoring bills. Assisting and educating on making a business going green is also covered.

Within the app there is an embedded RSS feed that delivers an assortment of the latest news concerning everything green. The first screen on The Green Brief shows 4 headings: Business, Home, Travel, and a section for adding your own tips. On entering each section, you will see that these can be broken down into more sections: Home – Bathroom, Kitchen, Loft, Lounge, Study/Home office, and finally Whole Home. Each tip has a score from 1 – 5 on savings and cost you make, and also tells you where you can find more information on the net.

And at £1.79, this app will pay for itself many times with the potential savings made using The Green Brief.

3. Meter Read

This free app is a must if you don’t want estimated billing. Meter Read allows you to easily view your account details so you can submit your electricity or gas readings, giving British Gas exact readings.

It also features a way in which you can keep track of your energy usage and how much you’re in control of it. You can also compare costs with customers in your local area.

Any problems and you can simply contact the customer services team via email, or find any emergency contact information.

Other features include a handy torch to view your meter in dark places. You can even book an engineer to deal with any faults, and also track his/her appointment status. 24 hour emergency numbers are also listed along with customer service information, and a top FAQs with illustrated help.

4. iRecycle

If you recycle, this app provides a staggering 1,000,000+ ways to recycle 300 materials. It also updates with the latest in green news (published daily) to match your lifestyle by Earth911.com – you can also have an Earth911.com user profile to access insider scoops and weekly blasts.

Recycling locations are covered with this app using current location, address, city, to find nearest recycling centre, and to find out vital details such as phone number, website, hours of operation etc…

iRecycle also connects with Facebook and Twitter, so social interaction and article searches are available.


Dirty Dozen

Do you really know what you’re consuming when you eat your ‘healthy’ fruit and veg?

This app will help you determine the best buys, avoiding pesticides used to enhance goods. Of course, the health benefits from eating fruit and vegetables out-weighs the exposure to pesticides, but Dirty Dozen’s The Shopper’s Guide will help you reduce this by finding organic alternatives – a far healthier way of eating and living. This app claims that avoiding the 12 most contaminated fruits and vegetables will have a substantial affect in lowering your pesticide intake.

After all, you are what you eat, right?

6. i-Own

You might want to take a minute and think of all the unwanted or unused items knocking around in your loft and garage. Near impossible to tote everything up, i-Own is the perfect app to take control and shift a few items.

i-Own is a personal inventory management system for individual and small businesses around the globe. i-Own is a great way of enabling you to take control of your assets. If you’re not home (inventory location), you can still transact on your asset item, on the move, wherever you are, providing you have a data or WiFi connection.

eGarage is a part of i-Own that enables you to post items for sale in your local area, or across international lines (legal substances only at your own discretion). Gone are the days of waiting for spring or summer to sell off your valuables from the back of your car or garage.

Quickly post items and decide on where you want them listed by postcode or city etc… You will receive alerts if prospective buyers respond to your post, and you can accept or reject it from the convenience of your iPhone.

You can upload pictures and details about your item with ease, and track all of the items you own and cherish. i-Own also allows you to track items that depreciate over time, and in the process help you during your income tax return filing.

i-Own can remind you of expiring warranties on your items, alert you when a recall for your item is announced, and in future will help you with quick register with the manufacturer directly from the app.

7. Carbon Track

Every aspect of your business activities has a monetary and environmental cost.

Carbon Track has been designed to give you an estimate of the CO2 emissions caused by your key daily business activities – travel, electricity usage and waste – and their associated environmental impact.

Carbon Track enables you to measure the environmental effects of a typical business journey, and compare it to different modes of transportation. You can calculate the potential electricity savings by using different office equipment.

This handy app will give you an insight of how easy it is to measure and monetise greenhouse emissions and other impacts you may have on the environment going about your daily routine.

Thinking of the environment and saving money not only makes good business sense, but it also makes financial sense.

8. Green Genie

I like this little app as it’s only 0.69p and has a neat little interaction gimmick. It also pays for itself many times over if you adhere to the tips and advice Green Genie provides. Just rub the lamp (the neat gimmick – I’m easily pleased), and the Genie will take you to the best green websites on the net.

There isn’t anything the little guy doesn’t know about living green. You can even suggest ideas and projects to him. Anything you don’t know, just rub the Green Genie and he will take you to the answer. In fact, he’s so great he’ll sort projects for you, specifically suited to your lifestyle.

Green Genie’s Heist Device allows you to contribute your ideas to the world, that will in turn be uploaded the app’s database.

Just rub away and go green.

9. Gorgeously Green Survival Guide

For all you women ‘on the go’, this app is the quick reference guide to the eco world.

Best selling author, Sophie Uliano, developed this app to teach women how to update their beauty regime, create an eco-friendly home, and help adopt a healthier diet and fitness routine, and even indulge in guilt-free shopping.

From environmental tips to the most important organic produce, from chemicals to avoid in makeup to earth-friendly lists, everything is covered in the GGSG.

Take her shopping and she’ll advise you on eco-friendly choices and give you helpful lists for ‘on the go’ shoppers.

From eye shadow to electrical items, the GGSG will support you.

10. GoodGuide

The GoodGuide is free and instantly reveals whether products are safe, healthy, green and socially responsible while you shop. A barcode-scanning feature enables you to simply scan the item’s barcode, and the app will use its GoodGuide science-based, environmental and social ratings for over 120,000 products.

GoodGuide’s personalisation feature allows you to choose the issues you care about the most – nutritional value, safe and healthy ingredients, animal welfare, human rights, climate change, energy efficiency, and more. Once the item has been scanned and the app has processed the data, it will tell you if it has passed or failed on your key criteria.

If you come across some good or particularly bad finds, you can share via the Twitter and Facebook networks.

Not only an iPhone app, this can be used on the iPod Touch.